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Taiwan customized cold-heading parts leading factory. Provide customized design,development,and production.

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Freequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

We use professional cold forging technology to make your parts more durable and reliable.

What is the cooperation process?

If you provide us with the required drawing, we can craft the tooling based on your needs and put it into production.

Any mould fee? Is the mould fee refunded?

Depends on your design and specification in the drawing.

Refund policy: after 1,000,000 pcs shipped out.

What material of the product can you supply?

Production range:

Length: 3mm to 100mm.

Diameter: Φ5mm to Φ59mm.

Material: Carbon steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel / Nickel (only rivet or small parts) 

How can I confirm that the specifications are appropriate?

It will be mentioned in the drawing.

What about Quality Control?

Own quality policy and certified with IATF-16949.

What's your MOQ?

Depends, from 100K to 200K.

What's the delivery time?

60 days~75 days (includes holidays).

Do you provide samples? is it free or extra?

No free samples, every samples start from a trial order and tooling design.

Do you accept the use of our logo?